MIA again!

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I will eventually get this whole blogging everyday thing down.

Well let me start this off by saying, I’m bored. I’m bored with my food, and I think that is why I keep going off plan. So please please give me your best recipes, that are easy!!! I like pretty much everything, so any ideas please!!!

I gained .2 this week at WI, which isn’t surprising. I had two baby showers at work, and I keep giving into temptation. That really needs to stop! I really need to start working out again. I think I may join a gym, because I would hope that me paying would be enough motivation to go. I would also like a workout buddy, so I think I’m going to ask a few people at work and some friends if they would like to join with me.

I bought a jump rope at five below today, and it is harder than it looks! It is fun though!

Going to bed early, because I’m taking the praxis 2 tomorrow! For you non-education people, this is the test I need to be a certified teacher!!!!!!! I’m nervous, and I didn’t study enough. blah.

Any Β recipe ideas would be great!


two posts in a row, say what?

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Hello all!

Today was great for food and work! For breakfast I have been simple things. Today I had a vitatop, 1/2 cup grapes, and an activa light.

For lunch I had a delicious wrap! I found these low point wraps at the food store this weekend. I’ll get the brand later, but it’s flavor was tomato & basil, pretty big and 1 point. I put turkey bacon, string cheese, lettuce, broccoli slaw, grape tomatoes, and oil. It was very filling!!!!!

For dinner, I’m not sure what I’ll be having.. Something tasty of course!!!

Have any of you ever had ritz crackerfuls?
They are the “adult” version of those crackers and cheese, I know I ate when I was younger. They are okay sized, they are 3 points.. not too bad, but I think they are good! The flavors I have tried are four cheese, and garlic herb. Four cheese is my favorite out of the two, I want to try the cheddar flavor.

I’m still alive!

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I haven’t posted in forever! I don’t even know where to start.

I think I left off, where I gained 1.6 pounds two weeks in a row.

Two Fridays ago, I lost 1.2 and this past Friday I lost 1.6!!!! So I only have .4 more to lose from all my gaining. I still however have not started working out. I really need to!! I am so tired from work, I literally pass out for like 1 1/2 hours when I get home. I would sleep more if I knew I would go to sleep at night! At work I am on my feet all day, and walking.. I know this is APs, but at least I’m not sitting all day right?

Well This is gonna be short, I have to pack my lunch for tomorrow.. I promise to come back tomorrow with my eats of the day!

I have photos!!

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Today was good!

For breakfast I had yogurt with raisins, an apple, brown sugar & cinnamon. Today I had time to cut the apple, it was delicious. This is the brown sugar I use

For lunch I had the same thing as yesterday, it is just so good! Today I added in 1/2 serving of a canned 3 bean salad. It puts a different taste in the salad.

When I got home from work, I had a deep chocolate vitatop.. YUM! Hit the spot πŸ™‚

Dinner was delicious. Tuesday night, I always have pizza on a sandwich thin. I started doing this because I used to have class on Tuesday and would get home @ 7:30 at night. Pizza was the easiest/quickest thing to make before the biggest loser started… speaking of I’m typing this during the commercials!

Here are the pictures!

Pizza & fries = perfect combo πŸ™‚

Fries- cut up red potatoes. It looks like a lot because I cut the potatoes very small! There still was a lot. Seriously delicious. The fries were baked in the oven, until they were done. I tossed them in EVOO, salt and pepper before baking.

Pizza- Turkey pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce on a sandwich thin.

Simple but VERY tasty broccoli. It is frozen broccoli that I microwaved. After I put spray butter… what is that orange stuff you say? It is fake cheddar, that’s right.. I said it. It is that stuff you put on popcorn. It is very good on broccoli!

Very good dinner again! This week is flying by, before I know it, I will be weighing in on Friday.

Biggest loser is awesome. Everyone looks so good!

delicious dinner

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I haven’t been here since saturday! I’ll give you a short re-cap.

I ended up going to this cool restaurant for my friend’s birthday. We sat on a dock! The food was good, the service was TERRIBLE!!! It was the worst ever! He didn’t take our order for almost an hour! After we got our appetizer, we ate it and it was almost 45 mins before he took our order. He said he forgot he didn’t take our order!!!

Saturday night was a lot of fun πŸ™‚

Sunday, was my food shopping day! I didn’t get anything new or exciting. I had a turkey burger for dinner last night. It was delicious!

For breakfast today I had a cup of plain non-fat yogurt with raisins, brown sugar and cinnamon. There was supposed to be a cut up apple, but we were running late, so I didn’t have time to cut it up 😦

For lunch I had a delicious salad! It had turkey bacon, broccoli slaw, parm cheese, and grape tomatoes. The dressing was EVOO and balsamic vinegar.

For snacks I had 1/2 cup fiber one cereal, 1/2 cup grapes, and a sandwich thin toasted. I didn’t eat this all in one sitting.

On the a very delicious dinner. I had a morning star chik patty with 1/2 tablespoon of honey. I cut it up and ate with a fork. I also had some broccoli. I finally made my “french fries”, in the oven i put red potatoes cut up like shoe-string french fries. I tossed them in oil, salt & pepper. The fries were so good! Everything was delicious!

I was thinking, why can’t honey count as a healthy oil? Why can’t peanut butter be a filling food? hahaha I joke πŸ˜‰

Relaxing for now, it was a long day at work! It was a fun day though, a lot of laughs!

I want to add pictures, but I keep forgetting to take them!!!

cleaning.. kinda

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hey! I’m bored, so I’m posting again!

An hour or two after breakfast I had a string cheese! I’m getting hungry again. I’m thinking about having a blt, because I haven’t had one in a while. literally as I am typing this, I realize I don’t have any sandwich thins! BOO! Maybe I’ll make a blt salad. Mixed greens with turkey bacon, some sort of cheese (maybe parm), tomatoes, some bell pepper, broccoli slaw.. mmmmm sounds good!

I don’t know what I want for dinner now, because I am not in the mood for whole wheat pasta. I need a whole grain, so I’m thinking brown rice with a morning star chik patty and veggies. Sounds good to me!

I want to take pics of my food, but my pics on my blackberry suck, and I can’t find my camera!

I think I’m gonna go make lunch, and then start cleaning for real this time! HAHA

Hope everyone is having a lovely saturday πŸ˜€

good eats

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So I didn’t come back yesterday.. oops! I stayed OP all day πŸ™‚ I was planning on eating 5 WPs everyday, but yesterday I only ate my DPs! After work I got my new phone, and then slept til 7! Ate dinner, then went to meet up at scottie’s house for his show! On the way I ate my skinny cow ice cream! I also didn’t eat or drink anything while I was there, besides water! The show was really good, I love hanging out with my work friends.

When I went to bed last night I thought I ate 2 WPs, but when I was making my breakfast this morning I realized I didn’t make “fries”. I gained my 2 WPs back wooo πŸ™‚

For breakfast this morning I had 1 cup of quick oats, with a tablespoon of better’n peanut butter, and an apple. The peanut butter was a lot better in the oatmeal then by itself. Since it is sweet, I didn’t need any splenda or brown sugar in the oatmeal! this breakfast was 4 points, and one GHG.

I’m not sure what else I will be eating today, since its the weekend I don’t plan my foods. I might be going out for my friends birthday tonight, so I’m gonna try and save most of my points for then!

So today I will be busy cleaning my room, hopefully once and for all! My parents said that if I clean it, we can paint it and fix it up πŸ™‚

Since it’s saturday I will post again later! I tried to take a picture of the oatmeal, but it didn’t come out good.