what’s the point of freezing rain if you don’t get a snow day?!

For some reason today I was very stressed out at work. Everything was annoying me.. PMS much? haha.. I am very happy to report that I did not eat my feelings! That is very hard when there are all kind of goodies in the classroom. Sometimes I tell myself the students touched the food so I won’t eat it. 🙂

For breakfast I had:
So creamy and yummy. I also had two plums. 4p+


For lunch I had:
these are turkey burgers. I microwaved it with a weight watchers american single, and some frozen broccoli. I also had an orange. 3 p+

I know it looks like I didn’t eat much, but I like to have a snack when I get home to hold me over for dinner, and for a snack after dinner.


If you guys couldn’t tell, these aren’t my pictures 😦 I have tried to take pictures before, but they don’t look pretty like they do in other blogs. So if anyone has tips on how to take awesome food pics I would love it!

Tomorrow is another long day for me.. I have class, I doubt I’ll have the energy to post after class tomorrow.

night everyone, have a great day tomorrow!


~ by vanessarose10 on February 1, 2011.

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