For The Win!

Hey Last night was a great success for me. I went to the party, it had three different venues to buy from. There was a candle one, chocolate, and jewelry. It was really fun. I ended up just buying from the jewelry. The candles and chocolates were wayyyy too expensive. The jewelry wasn’t too bad. they had a deal that buy one get two products half off, awesome right… it gets better. The half off products were the more expensive products!

I got…

nothin' too fancy for me!

I want…

Pretty, right?

Besides getting some lovely jewelry, I was a very good weight watcher last night! I passed up all the chocolate samples, and only snacked on some veggies! I was very proud of myself 🙂 I was able to do this because I made a yummy dinner before going. It was a morning star chik patty, with roasted zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and grape tomatoes. I topped it with pasta sauce and cheese! It was like a chicken parm, but without the pasta. Its one of my fav. go-to meals. I make it a lot. Next time I’ll take a picture.

Today is food shopping and more homework for me. fun, right?


~ by vanessarose10 on January 30, 2011.

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