wait, what happened?

Did I say I was going to write in my blog more often?! oh yeah i did.. oops!

Well there have been even more changes from my last post. I started grad school again! this time at CHC, where i got my undergrad. the driving hasn’t been too bad.. classes are on mondays & tuesdays.
the new college logo

the campus is really beautiful. people say its hogwarts.

I moved back home to save money, and because of school. So I re-joined WW online, best decision ever! I have lost a total of 6.2 pounds in two weeks!!! Going back to online has been the best decision ever. It keeps me so much more accountable. Being back on the boards is a great feeling too. I’ve missed it so much since not having internet.

Today is kinda busy, doing laundry and homework.. and then tonight a little party. I am nervous about going because of the food! Which I know is totally lame :/ but I ate pretty bad last night, so I can’t do that tonight!

For breakfast I had some unsweetened applesauce w/cinnamon, and a pumpkin spice vitatop. Breakfast was 3 P+
pretty tasty.


I will try to check later to talk about some more eats.


~ by vanessarose10 on January 29, 2011.

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