I’m back at it for good!

hello! I’m doing this for good now! These past weeks have been so busy, and I haven’t been that good.

Yesterday I joined Future Fitness with my friend Angela! I am very excited to try all the different classes, have a personal trainer! I really like the gym, and I think I got a good deal! I know I will be getting my moneys worth because my friend will make me go to the gym. It is also on my way home from work, how perfect?!

Today at 11 we are going to our first class, Zumba! It’s both of our first times for Zumba, and we are very excited!

This week is going to be perfect, last night after joining we went to chilli’s. I stayed OP there!!!!! I have the chicken sandwich, but I changed some things so it fit their Guiltless Gourmet menu! It was good!

I started the day off right with a delicious healthy breakfast!

I had two egg whites with a WW american single, turkey bacon, a sandwich thin toasted with spray butter, and an un-pictured plum. Yum! All that for only 4 points, and filling!

I WILL be back later! I want to report on how many cals I burn at the gym! I’m gonna get ready, I then have to buy a new water bottle. Mine got gross. Then I’m off to the gym!!


~ by vanessarose10 on July 10, 2010.

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