MIA again!

I will eventually get this whole blogging everyday thing down.

Well let me start this off by saying, I’m bored. I’m bored with my food, and I think that is why I keep going off plan. So please please give me your best recipes, that are easy!!! I like pretty much everything, so any ideas please!!!

I gained .2 this week at WI, which isn’t surprising. I had two baby showers at work, and I keep giving into temptation. That really needs to stop! I really need to start working out again. I think I may join a gym, because I would hope that me paying would be enough motivation to go. I would also like a workout buddy, so I think I’m going to ask a few people at work and some friends if they would like to join with me.

I bought a jump rope at five below today, and it is harder than it looks! It is fun though!

Going to bed early, because I’m taking the praxis 2 tomorrow! For you non-education people, this is the test I need to be a certified teacher!!!!!!! I’m nervous, and I didn’t study enough. blah.

Any  recipe ideas would be great!


~ by vanessarose10 on June 12, 2010.

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