I <3 you.

Whoever reads my blog, I ❤ you. I love coming on here, checking out my blog stats and seeing someone viewed my blog. It makes me :D.

anyways… Tomorrow is the day I recomit! I already packed my breakfast and lunch; very simple meals. I am going to write a blog tomorrow, with pictures of my foods to keep me accountable. The meals I planned out aren’t the most filling foods, but like i said it was easy.

Breakfast will be a deep chocolate vitatop, string cheese, and a cup of strawberries… 2.5 points.. and 3 GHGs.

Lunch will be a sandwich thin with a tablespoon of RF pb, a tablespoon of marshmallow fluff :D, 1/2 cup of grape tomatoes, and string cheese… 4 points.. and 3 GHGs

after work, I’ll probably have a Clif Zbar. I’m planning on working out, but depending on how I feel, and what time I have to be at scottie’s house to go out. Scottie is a guy from my work, he is in a band. Me and a couple girls go to their shows. Its a ton of fun, its like we’re groupies. haha

For dinner, I will be having pizza on sandwich thins… SHOCKING. They are soooo easy to make, I need fast, easy, and cheap meals. Any ideas, please feel free to help! On the pizzas will be some pizza sauce, some cheese, turkey pepperoni, and some EVOO. I will also be making “french fries” with red potatoes, baked with EVOO. I will also be stir frying some broccoli, its my fav ;)… dinner will be 8.5 points.. and a lot of GHGs, LOL.

Tomorrow is WI day; know it won’t be pretty, but it is my own fault.

Sorry this is boring, but since I’m having such a hard time eating what I plan, I feel like this will keep me accountable.

thanks for reading


~ by vanessarose10 on May 21, 2010.

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