well hello there …

Well a lot has happened since I lasted blogged. I think I will keep it short and sweet for now. I give you guys a recap!

Lets start this off by saying I haven’t been the best weight watcher ever :/ I haven’t tracked since like a week ago… eek! Today is my first day OP 🙂

Thursday I went to Hershey park with my senior class.. for free!! I ate everything under the sun… wooops. I still WI on Friday tho. I gained 1.6 pounds. It was expected because of the day before.. oh and I wasn’t a good girl Wednesday either, thats when it all started.

Friday came, I had a plan to stay OP all day and after my graduation practice too. Well after practice I hung out with one of my best friends from school, her name is brittany. I ended up eating crap!

Saturday was my graduation! Oh yeah, did I mention I am a college graduate! yay!! I went out to chinese with my family, and I wasn’t planning on tracking since it was my graduation. It was a lovely meal!

Then sunday rolls around, and I had leftover chicken lo mien, that I had to eat… woops! there goes another day!

Did I mention I bought delicious chocolate on thursday and have been eating it… and not tracking. woops, once again! the chocolate was worth it, and now it is out of the house.

Now it brings me to today, I have been OP all day! I’m going to keep this short because I am making dinner in a little! Pizzas on a sandwich thin! It is a typical dinner for me, and I love it!

I promise I will write more blogs now! I haven’t been on the computer since before my graduation! My family gave me money, and I now have enough money to buy a macbook pro! I have been saving since christmas! Once I buy that I will be on the computer a lot more, since it is easier to turn on. LOL. I should be buying it sometime this week!

Since you may not know what I look like I will upload some pics from my graduation!


~ by vanessarose10 on May 17, 2010.

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