whole foods trip!

Today was a busy cleaning day for me! I cleaned my room the “entire” day. I say it with quotes because I took lots of breaks! I woke up very sore from yesterday’s run, so I didn’t run today.

I planned on having yogurt for breakfast, but when I went downstairs I was quickly reminded that I didn’t buy any this week. So I had a sad breakfast instead. I had string cheese, and some fiber one cereal. After my breakfast I still wanted something, I had a Quaker Cafe Square Dark Chocolate Mocha Hazelnut. The nutrition facts are 120/4/3, they are kinda small but they are very good. I only tried these because the awesome Lisa sent me some coupons! While I ate I watched Fake Fiance on ABC family, it’s a really cute movie!

I am not a big egg person, but I have been craving some kind of egg. So for lunch I had two egg whites scrambled with cheese and some turkey bacon, Delish!

After cleaning, I went to whole foods with my mother! I bought some yummy things. I got two flavors of the gnu flavor & Fiber bars and a pint of chocolate pint arctic zero ice cream. I tried the chocolate brownie bar (yum) and some ice cream (yum). I heard about these products from Katie, thanks!

Arctic Zero also has a chocolate peanut butter flavor that I would love to try, but my whole foods did not have any.

I also got better’n peanut butter, I’m sure everyone has heard of it. This is the first time I ever bought it. I tasted it went I got home, so far its good. I also got a package of Gardenburger sun-dried tomato basil burger, vegetarian Musho wrap, and some green bean chips. I’ll take a picture of them later.

For dinner I had some brown rice with broccoli, mozz cheese, and pasta sauce mixed in. Sounds weird but it was good. I also had a gardenburger with pasta sauce and mozz cheese on top. Sounds like a lot of cheese but I only used 1 serving between the two!

I didn’t do so well with GHGs today because I am running low on food! This never happens to me, good thing I’m going food shopping tomorrow!

Tomorrow for mother’s day my whole family is taking my grandmother out for breakfast. She chose the old country buffet for breakfast, not anything too exciting, but it will be fine. Their website had NI on it, and I think it will be pretty easy to get point friendly foods, lets hope I stick with healthy choices!

I think I’m going to try to do more than one post a day, so my posts aren’t like a chapter.


~ by vanessarose10 on May 9, 2010.

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