breakfast was a fail

Before I went out with my family, I ate 1/2 of a flavor and fiber peanut butter bar, it was alright. I don’t think I’ll be buying them again.

I went out to breakfast with my family to Old Country Buffet for Mother’s Day. I didn’t do bad points wise, the food stunk! I ordered a white egg omelet, with a little cheese. The omelet wasn’t cooked all the way, so I ate around half, not even. I had a bunch of fruit which was good. I also had half a hash-brown which was okay, and only 2 points for the whole thing. They had these little waffles, I had one for 3 points with sugar-free syrup. That was okay. I also had half a piece of bacon, I would have eaten the whole thing.. but it was disgusting! I wonder if I’m so used to eating turkey bacon that I don’t like regular bacon! It was nice to see my grandma!

After breakfast me and my brother went food shopping. I didn’t get anything special. I did get a bunch of acne treatments, because my face is a mess! I got deep chocolate vitatops, I haven’t had these since like december or January because of money. For lunch this week I bought sandwich thins, and maple honey turkey. I going to make sandwiches with one slice of turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, low-fat mayo, mustard, some broccoli slaw, and a banana pepper or two! Sounds good to me! I’ll take a pic one day, and it will be the same for the whole week. I like to keep it simple.

For lunch I had a sandwich thin with a tablespoon of better’n peanut butter. I didn’t like it that much, too sweet! It may be good in oatmeal! I also had string cheese, and a new-to-me flavor of  Clif Kid Z-bar… Spooky S’mores. It was alright, the brownie one is still my favorite.

For dinner we are having filet Mignon with little red potatoes and some kind of steamed vegetable.

Now it’s time for me to write my last paper and an undergrad, holler 😉


~ by vanessarose10 on May 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “breakfast was a fail”

  1. Yeah Better N Peanut Butter just does not compare to the real stuff!

    That stinks that the buffet was so bad, but at least you didn’t eat too much! I have a major weakness when it comes to buffets…

  2. I was very disappointed with the peanut butter and the buffet! I usually have a weakness with buffets too, but nothing looked worth the points! Which is a good thing because we’re having steak for dinner, and I haven’t eaten red meat probably since Easter!

    p.s. I feel like a celebrity commented on my blog, since I always read yours :)!

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