fantastic friday!

After my workout I had

Half a cup of grapes: yum!
and a Cliff Kid zbar. I had Honey graham, this was my first time I had this flavor.. YUM!

Then I took a nap, you’ll see this a lot :). Subbing at a special services school is very tiring, but i love it. Then I had dinner. I had a pasta dish that had
One serving of Ronzoni Smart taste pasta
Morning Star Chik’n Patty
1/2 serving of vodka sauce (I used Bertolli)
mozzarella cheese
1 cup broccoli

It was delicious and easy to make, and that is how all my meals are! I love this pasta, it tastes like regular pasta but has the same amount of points as whole wheat pasta! The chik’n patty was very crispy! I didn’t feel like having regular pasta sauce, so the vodka sauce was a nice change.

Now I’m just going to relax and watch tv! My dessert for tonight is a skinny cow ice cream sandwich!

I like this picture thing, I will add pics whenever possible!


~ by vanessarose10 on May 8, 2010.

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